Wedding Room Decoration: A Romantic Room for Newlywed Couple

Wedding room decoration is another important thing to consider in the middle of wedding busy-ness. If both of you spend the first night together in hotel, so you don’t need to think about anything else except book the room. However, when both of you spend it, let say in your own home, there are plenty things both of you need to keep in mind. First, it is about the color you want to splash to the wedding room. Color magically can accentuate certain atmosphere to entire room. Since, you want to decorate kind of wedding room, so that you need such colors that bring intimacy and romance.

The colors you should pick to decor wedding room are purple, red velvet, pastel, pink, and blue, or any colors that both of you think is perfectly able to bring certain romantic feeling both of you desire for. Wedding room decoration will never be completed without the bedroom essential such as bed and its companions. Be sure you choose such high quality fabric for bed sheet or bed linen to provide comfortableness for both of you. Don’t forget to match the color of your bed pieces with the backdrop or any other details.

To level up the atmosphere of romance inside the room, you can also arrange flower petals over the bed. You can spread the flower petals just like that, or you can write or draw something “sweet” over the bed. Wedding room decoration also includes the room lighting. You have two options when it comes to light the room, you can choose whether you want to use a lamp with muted light or you simply use candle to illuminate the wedding room. Both ways are romantic. For the last touch, don’t forget to bring foods and beverages inside, you might be need them.


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