Laundry Room Accessories You Should Have

Laundry room accessories are important part in laundry room, so your room not only has washing machine and clothes dryer, but also has some accessories to make the room looks like ‘this is laundry room’. In washing clothes, washer and dryer usually placed in behind or in the corner of the house. They stand near the kitchen or toilet in order to make water distribution is easier to go in and out. On the other hand, if you have an empty room, washer and dryer put on the room called laundry room (sometimes called washing room).

Laundry room accessories, except washing machine and clothes dryer, you will find laundry tub/basin, ironing clothes, cabinets, cloth hangers, box or rack for set the detergents and whiteners, hamper for clean clothes before distributed to the wardrobe, hamper for dirty clothes, chandelier, and doormat. There are box for toilet papers, soaps, and shampoo (toilet supplies), tower rack, laundry carts, drying ironing board, drying rack, clothespins, dispensing ball, laundry ball, and washing paddle.

Besides, there is also washing machine cover fully equipped with anti-fungi and anti-dusts which now popular. The cover will protect washing machine from pets or kids, and prevent from scratch and lame. Put your plants in top part of your room but it still reaches the sunray. The plants will fresher the air around laundry room. Do not forget to make better air circulation by open the window every day to make it is not musty. Except plants, some people often put small table and chair or bed to rest in laundry room. Laundry room accessories need creativity. Now, look at your room, do you have accessories above? If you have enough money, buy some accessories to beautify your laundry room. Make the washing time is your perfect activity using all accessories you have.


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