Kids Room Decor which Adult so Jealous with

Kids room decor is plenty. It can be something that is ordinary or extraordinary. Thinking about the extraordinary room decor for kids, it will not only jaw-dropping your kids, but also you as parents. The decor idea is so unique that you will never think before. The first one is pirate ship room (even adult love this one!). As it names, the room has ship inside which bring the imagination of your kids sail away. The second one is room inside the wardrobe. Remember something? The idea of this room decor for kids is inspired by Chronicles of Narnia. From the outside, you will never know that there is a room inside, since what you see just a mere wooden wardrobe.

But when you step inside you will discover a beautiful bedroom that brings the feeling of Narnia inside. Kids room decor that is also extraordinary is like building a space ship inside the room. Using a bunk bed, you can put the space ship console below the bed. Bringing circus inside to your kids’ room is also a good idea. Load typical circus things inside the room, like the stripped white and red tent, carousel, cute clown and anything that are suited to the theme. However, you need to bear in mind, when you decor your kids room, you need also to think about its safety.

Kids room decor is not only about how cute the appearance is, but also about the safety. So, be sure that you determine the age of your kids. If your kids are below six, you need to re-consider loading bunk bed; you can use cabin bed instead. If your kids’ room is on the second floor or more, you need to include childproof into the decoration. Lastly, you need to ensure that all of the furniture is fastened securely.


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