Concrete Paint: Things to Do

Concrete paint will bring both the exterior and interior concrete surface look interesting. Since concrete no need to have kind of dull or boring look, plus the concrete becomes more durable. However, how to paint the concrete rightly? Are they any significant ways to do that? Yes, there are some ways that you can use. Paint something like concrete surface is not as easy as other surfaces. It is a bit trickier. So that, when you can’t do it in proper way, you will not get a satisfying result you are expected. There some ways to prepare before having perfect painted concrete.

To start the process, you need to clean up the surface before splashing the concrete with anything. The cleaning process is important to sweep away the dirt or anything which becoming the obstruction for the next process. Concrete paint should be free from crack or uneven appearance. Applying such product like cement patch will assist you much to cover the crack, before doing the next process. In order to make the painted concrete resists with unfriendly weather, giving sealant to the concrete is a must. There are variations of sealing spread all over the market you can choose.

After applying the sealant, the next thing you need to do is brushing the concrete with primer. Since there are many primer products out there, you can’t treat them equally. The drying time and the application of each primer from different brand can be not similar. Concrete paint then, should be painted to make it as it is. But, remember to always wait the primer to dry. To gain perfection, you need to paint the concrete three of four times. The way is, once the first coat is dried, start to splash another coat, then repeat the process until the last coat.


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