Basement Renovation Tips

Are you doing basement renovation? What you need to know about renovating the basement? There are some basement renovation tips you can do before you doing the renovation. It is because the basement can be a wonderful room in your home when it is well designed and decorated. You must understand too about the ideas […]

Basement Bedroom Ideas Designs

It is right, there are many wonderful ideas you may never think before about the basement. Basement is a wonderful place in your home when it has the right design to apply. You can have more creative ideas to be applied here. Even, you can have comfortable basement bedroom ideas that will bring you to […]

Basement Subfloor Ideas

For you who strict on budget when decorating or designing the basement, you prefer unfinished basement design than the finished one. There are more options of unfinished basement ideas. You can select every part of the basement with different package. For example, after you have applied the framing walls and corners ideas, the next step […]

Basement Window Replacement Ideas

Any designs you apply for the basement, you need to take care for all components like the windows where usually it is nearer to the ground than other windows in your home. Therefore, it is near to the wetness. If you don’t care it well, you will need the basement window replacement faster than it […]