Basement Subfloor Ideas

For you who strict on budget when decorating or designing the basement, you prefer unfinished basement design than the finished one. There are more options of unfinished basement ideas. You can select every part of the basement with different package. For example, after you have applied the framing walls and corners ideas, the next step to do is about basement subfloor. Both framing and subflooring the basement here, you can go with any other ideas. Unfinished basement offers more ideas.

Before you apply the ides of basement subfloor there are some considerations you need to think first. It can be the basement subfloor products. As you know, there are more products of subfloor. This actually eases you because the more products mean the more options. You can go by the cheaper or higher quality. There are some products of subfloor you can go with. Even, there are the online stores sell it. The subfloor here will protect your basement floor for sure.

Yup, the basement subfloor will prevent your basement floor to water or wetness. Therefore, the flooring ideas of your basement will have a longer life. This is good. Furthermore the quality of basement subfloor options can be selected by the higher or lower. It depends on your budget. If you have enough budgets, it is recommended to go with the higher quality. It is because the common problem of basement after the walls is the floor.

As you know, the floor of your basement directs to the ground. It will carry more burdens than other flooring ideas in your home especially to the water and wetness. Therefore, the basement subfloor by the higher quality is needed. Furthermore, if you have the special ideas and designs to be applied at the basement like home theatre or kid’s playroom, you need to select the right one for the comfort.


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